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Nominations for TEDxPhiladelphia 2015 were accepted between Monday, January 12 through Friday, February 6, 2015. Anyone could nominate a speaker, or self-nominate. Detailed information about the 2015 speaker nomination process is below.

How are speakers selected?

TEDxPhiladelphia receives hundreds of speaker nominations each conference and reviews each and every suggestion. Speaker nominations and talk ideas are gathered through two means: (1) an online open call for nominations and idea submissions via tedxphiladelphia.org, and (2) direct nominations submitted by our Curatorial Advisory Committee. Final decisions are made by the Lead Producer in collaboration with the Producing Team and Curatorial Advisory Committee. Speakers are selected based on their relevance to conference’s theme, as defined by the criteria published in conjunction with the open call, as well as based on other curatorial considerations, such as overall the overall diversity of the speaker roster.

More info

Read our 2015 Speaker Criteria and Thematic Framework for insight into how we’re thinking about the conference theme “And Justice For All” and the kind of ideas and people we’re looking for. Download as a PDF file »